About us

Hotdog is a branding, web and communications firm whose mission is to create attractive and brilliantly designed multi-platform environments. Putting content in the right context to reach the right audience.

Our strengths? Our innovative ideas, our concepts, our ability to listen to your needs and bring your project to a whole new level.

Why Hotdog?

Because we have a team of “toasted” and “steamed” creatives ready to carry out projects that are out of the ordinary.

Branding, Web and Communications, that’s the Hotdog Trio!

Amélie Blanchard, president

Amelie is content driven and passionate about design.
Before founding Hotdog in 2012 in the bucolic village of Saint-André-Avellin, in the Outaouais. , she spent 15 years working as an award-winning documentary and web producer in Montreal (recipient of 5 Prix Gémeaux (television), 1 Boomerang (web) and 1 Numix (web) . She travelled the world to make international coproductions. She has produced films for the CBC, the NFB, Urbania, Radio-Canada and Discovery Channel, to name a few.
She brings her documentary background to advertising, creating a unique balance between content and context.